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Chop her fuckin head off.

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15th August 2004

2:02am: im not going to drink,or do drugs anymore.oh yeah.

13th August 2004

12:12pm: Its nice to see that this thing can be a tool in which some sort of disrespecting emotion and how a computer can pass feelings over the internet.....
hurt again. lame.

12th August 2004

4:51am: sorry i was using this for myspace and i had to take it off photobucket.
3:58am: Im really bitter, anyone whose talked to me the past couple of days knows that i either have a grin or im crying... i only cried once today woo.... anyways, the question thats been bothering me lately is... who do you know thats truly happy?, i dont know anybody, thats so scary... no one is happy.
Things just keep getting worse and worse, i dont think anybody seems to care. Sure we all have fun times and giggle, but stress builds on you before you hit that pillow and stress hits you before you take youre dirt nap.
So i figure.....
im gonna try to surround myself with the people that make me the happiest(minus the one i really want, who doesnt wanna come anywhere near me)and try to have the happy momentuim going.

tommorow is gonna be a good day.XD
im saying this with tears in my eyes.
3:45am: For all that dont know, im going through a pretty tough time right now,I didnt want to keep putting my feelings out for everyone to read them. Thats why i switced writing to this journal and pictures and quizzes to that one. Man livejournal is stupid but at least ill get some thoughts collected.. and erase them if i want.
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